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To our community providers:

We know hard you work to give your clients the best chance of success.  You will find us an equal partner with sincere investment in the pursuit of resident's success. 


When you place clients with us, you get professionally managed sober living homes that are specialized in recidivism reduction, sobriety, stability, employment, credit score improvement, stress management, personal accountability, and other life skills. Clients typically stay with us for 6-12 months.  However, there is no limit of the term of their residency.  

Whether you have a steady stream of clients that require housing or the occasional client that needs assistance, please reach out.  We partner with a variety of governmental, non-profit, and volunteer organizations.  From day one, our clients have access to a strong support network comprised of goal-oriented residents and managers. We can help them develop a plan to get their life on track.  A key component is connecting them with a local "second chance" employer who pays a living wage.

We are not your typical Sober Living Home, which is evident in our client's success rates with sobriety and life progress.  You will also see this in the presentation of the properties. We invite you to connect and to come to any of our homes for a tour.  

Warm Regards from the Lotus House family.

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